Everyone can volunteer and there are volunteering roles out there to suit all interests and skills. There are countless volunteering opportunities for people to take part in.

Do you have a skill that you would like to share? Do you have a favourite hobby or a passion that you would like to share with others? There are countless ways in which to volunteer – chances are if you have a skill or a hobby, there is a way to share your passion with others through volunteering. Volunteering activities can include everything from befrieding to bucket shaking, from painting fences to counting bats! To help inspire you and get you started, we have compiled some of the most popular volunteering activities on I-VOL below.

Is there a cause that is close to your heart? Would you like to help The Friends Of Letterkenny University Hospital to achieve its aims? But looking at volunteering through a wider lens, it can help you see how beneficial volunteering can be to your family, your community and even yourself. Volunteering can make an invaluable difference to us – all it takes is the right match for you to reap the benefits and rewards of volunteering. The gift of giving makes your home and community a better place to live in.

To help inspire you and get you started, we have compiled some of the most popular volunteering activities. Find a cause you are passionate about and contact us for further information.

Visiting and befriending service
Hospitals and residential care centres are often in need of volunteers, From visiting and befriending patients, assisting with social activities or helping visitors find their way around the hospital, there are lots of ways you can volunteer and help your local hospital. Befriending can offer volunteers the opportunity to provide support and friendship to a person who may be going through a difficult period, is feeling lonely, or is adjusting to a major change in their life.

Administrative/office work

At certain times, The Friends of Letterkenny University Hospital require volunteers for office administration assistance such as typing, research, publicity campaigns, fundraising drives or general office duties. Potential activities can include reception and administrative work, computing, managing a committee, and much more.
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Counselling/listening volunteers can provide practical and emotional support to others who are enduring a difficult time or recovering from a traumatic experience. There are lots of ways to volunteer and help, from counselling those suffering from depression to lending an ear to someone in any type of emotional distress. Volunteering roles are available for both qualified counsellors any anyone interested in providing support.

Events and Stewarding

At The Friends of Letterkenny University Hospital we regularly require help with events and stewarding volunteers are often the friendly face of our events providing a warm welcome to event attendees and helping to ensure events run smoothly and safely.
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Our Focus


Our Focus

This voluntary organisation, which was granted charitable status in 1995, has four main objectives:

to raise funds via charitable donations/fundraising to provide seed capital for the development of new services in LUH, secondly to facilitate voluntary work to augment ordinary hospital services, thirdly to respond to ad hoc requests from wards for assistance and finally to fund bus to transport patients from LUH to St Lukes Hospital in Dublin to receive radiotherapy treatment. The Friends have been responsible for raising in excess of €7 million from membership fees, donations, church gate collections and various fund-raising events throughout the North West since 1992.

Social Networks

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