The “Friends” provided €100,000 for a Lithotripter and scopes.

Lithotripsy equipment is used by the Consultant Urologist for gaining access to the kidney stones and breaking these stones down. Before this equipment was available at Letterkenny General Hospital, patients were required to travel to Dublin or Craigavon to have this procedure performed.

The benefit of this equipment means that it allows Consultants/Surgeons to gain access to kidney stones & break them down without the need for open surgery. Also this means that the average duration in hospital dropped from an average of 10 days to 2 days and full recovery time dropped from 3 months to virtually immediately.
Medical Rehab Sensory Garden

The “Friends” donated €31,000 for a sensory garden in the Medical Rehabilitation Unit.

The sensory garden provides an area for therapeutic activities within patient rehabilitation programmes. It has met the needs of a wide range of people including; patients, relatives and staff and has also aided with the promotion of positive health during recovery.